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Is Kimberly's Kritter Care licensed, insured, and bonded?

Yes, we are insured and bonded through Pet Sitters Associates and licensed to do business in the state of SC. Your pets and your home are safe and will be well cared for by our loving staff!

How do I get started?

Please create an account on our client portal to get started. View our How It Works page for more detailed instructions. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

How do I schedule visits for my pet?

It is simple to schedule your visits with our industry-leading mobile app. Download it now from the App Store.

Will my pet always have the same pet sitter?

We work as a team to ensure your pet will always have the best care possible. You may not always have the same pet sitter, however, we do try to assign a primary sitter for each client, but we may have another team member fill in when the primary sitter is not available. This is also why it is important to update your and your pet's info in our client portal so the entire

team will be up to date on any changes. 

How will the pet sitter access my property?

We currently require two sets of keys to your property. One will remain in the lock box and the other will be kept in the office as a backup. If you have a keypad for your door and/or garage, you can provide us with a code for entry but we still require at

least one backup method of access, i.e. a key, in case of power loss or dead batteries. You may also choose to purchase a

lock box to store your house key and give us access to that. We are not responsible for keyless entry or lock box


How far in advance can I book my services?

Please schedule your services with as much notice as possible to ensure we are available. We get booked more quickly around holidays.

If you need to schedule a service that will occur within less than 24 hours you can only do so by calling or texting us at 

843-480-4480. If we are able to accommodate your request, there will be a Late Booking Fee added to the regular price.

How do I make a payment?

Once your services are confirmed, we will send you an invoice via the App. To pay just log into your app and pay via our

secure online payment system. Services must be paid in full prior to the date of service. We accept all major credit cards,

debit cards, ACH, PayPal, checks, and cash. Please make checks payable to Kimberly's Kritter Care.

Can I tip my pet sitter/dog walker?

Tips are by no means required. But if you feel your pet sitter/dog walker has provided excellent care, tips are certainly appreciated. You may leave a cash tip or add it to your invoice via the client portal app. All tips go directly to your sitter(s).

What is your cancelation policy?

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Frequently Asked Questions

We use your reservation to plan availability to our clients. When you book our services, we reserve exclusive time for you

and your pets and have likely turned away other clients during your scheduled time. Therefore, the following cancelation

policy applies to the entire balance of the reservation.


Daily Monday - Friday Dog Walks and Potty Breaks must be canceled via the app or portal and received by 8pm the day

prior to scheduled service, otherwise full fees will apply. Any same day cancelations will be charged the full price of the



Pet Sitting and Cat Care cancelations require at least 14 days (two weeks) notice to guarantee you are not charged full

price for the visit (if canceled less than 14 days (two weeks) but greater than 7 days (one week) prior to scheduled service,

you will be charged 50% of the total fee, or forfeit your 50% deposit, if collected. If you cancel with less than 7 days (1 week) notice, you will be charged the full price for the visits (100%). If you return earlier than scheduled, you will not be

entitled to a refund of scheduled services.

Overnight Stays (House Sitting) cancelations require at least 14 days (two weeks) notice to guarantee you are not charged

full price for the visit and to receive a full refund of 50% deposit, if collected. If canceled less than 14 days (two weeks) in advance but greater than 7 days (one week) prior to scheduled service, you will be charged 50% of the total fee or forfeit

your 50% deposit, if collected. If you cancel with less than 7 days (1 week) notice, you will be charged the full price for the

visits (100%). If you return earlier than scheduled, you will not be entitled to a refund.

Holiday cancelations on all services with less than 7 days (one week) notice will be charged the full rate, including holiday


Do you offer pet care services on Holidays?

Yes, we work on all major holidays. You will be charged an additional Holiday Fee of $5 - $10 per visit on the following days:

  • New Year’s Day,

  • Easter Weekend (Sat – Mon),

  • Memorial Day Weekend (Sat – Mon),

  • Independence Day and weekend,

  • Labor Day Weekend (Sat – Mon),

  • Thanksgiving weekend (Thu – Sun),

  • Christmas Eve,

  • Christmas Day, 

  • New Year’s Eve.

Can you give my pet medications?

Yes, we are experienced with medication administration including pills, liquids, insulin, and subcutaneous fluids. Please

note, a $5.00 fee will apply for time-specific visits i.e. insulin. Please be sure you schedule adequate time to administer the required medications.

What if my pet gets injured or is ill?

1. We will try to contact you, the pet owner. If we are unable to reach you or the secondary owner, we will attempt to

contact your emergency backup.
2. For medical emergencies, we will contact the family veterinarian listed in the Kimberly's Kritter Care portal.
3. If the family vet is not available, we will contact an emergency veterinarian and follow their direction.

Please see our Veterinary Release for additional information.

My cat is pretty self-sufficient; can you just visit every other day?

While cats may seem more self-sufficient, it is our policy that cats must be visited at least once every day. There are

several reasons for this. ​

  • Cats can lock themselves in rooms without access to food and water.

  • Cats are social beings and need attention. They are not animals to be left alone for days on end without human interaction.

  • Cats need fresh water. Many cats will refuse to drink water if their water is not fresh, even if they have not exhibited this behavior previously.

  • Cats need a clean litter box. Many cats will refuse to go in a dirty box so their litter needs to be scooped at least once per day.

  • Cats are prone to urinary tract infections, kidney infections, and other serious conditions that can develop quickly.

  • Your pet sitter is trained to be on the lookout for changes in litter box usage and eating patterns which could indicate a serious illness.

What is your policy during inclement weather?

Kimberly's Kritter Care is open 365 days per year. 

The safety of your pets is of the utmost importance to us. Extreme weather conditions and temperatures may harm your

dog, therefore the following guidelines are generally adhered to:

1. If extremely hot and/or humid outside, we may make some alterations to the typical routine. We may decide to limit

outdoor time and just take your dog outside for a quick potty break, then spend the rest of the time indoors with the dog, engaging in some playtime, brushing, belly rubs, or some other activity the dog would find enjoyable.

2. If it is currently snowing or raining outside, we may still go on our standard walk. We will be sensitive to your dog’s

comfort and safety. If your dog displays signs of discomfort, we will bring him inside for indoor activities. We will still spend

the agreed upon time with your dog – we just want him to be safe and comfortable.

3. If there is potentially hazardous weather, i.e. thunderstorms or hurricane, we may decide to stop by just to allow your

dog enough time to relieve themselves. If this is the case, you will not be charged the full amount for the visit.

4. If for some reason, weather conditions are extremely hazardous and we are unable to drive to your home for pet care,

we will contact you to inform you and ask that you make other arrangements such as a neighbor.

For additional questions, please refer to our Policies by clicking here.

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